Steve’s Victory Speech, Focusing On Volunteer Recognition

Steve's victory speech on November 4, 2014 was not long, but the list of people who helped in the campaign certainly was.
Steve Kay gives victory speech, November 4, 2014
Steve acknowledges his victory and thanks his volunteers.
Campaign Coordinator Lori Shelburne CoordinationTeam Brady Barlow Cole Bennett Marsha Bloxsom Shawn Burns Mark Davis Debra Hensley Richard Greissman Greg Guenthner Nina McCormack Donna Hall Pam Miller George Mills Howard Myers Marty Newell Rona Roberts Ben Self David Stevens Megan Winfield Campaign Treasurer and Data Team Coordinators Brady Barlow Data Team Cole Bennett Bonnie Brinly Travis Robinson Fund Raising Team Coordinator Megan Winfield Fund Raising Team Marsha Bloxsom Pam Miller David Stevens Communications Team Coordinator Lori Shelburne Team Members Shawn Burns Mark Davis Kelly Flood Ann Garrity Rick and Kim Gersony Delia Gibbs Richard Greissman Leslie Guttman Debra Hensley Mick Jeffries Geoff Maddock Pam Miller Marty Newell Rona Roberts Ben Self Boyd Shearer Reggie Thomas Stacie Williams Graphic Designer Miki Wright Events Coordinators Donna Hall Nina McCormack Team Members David Cupps Ann Garrity Richard Greissman Gerri Henry Elise Mandel Tanya Torp Stacie Williams Field Operations Team Joe Anthony Angela Baldridge Marsha Bloxsom Tom Blues David Burg Judy Burris Rachel Carpenter David Cupps Bo Fugazzi Ann Garrity Tom Garrity Roz Heise Gerri Henry Carolyn L. Holmes Sandy Hough Sally Johnston Bill Johnston Erwin Jones Brent Logsdon Elise Mandel Tom Kimmerer Pam Miller Betty Mills George Mills Howard Myers David Stevens Barbara Sutherland Kremena Todorova Mailings Coordinators Nina McCormack Donna Hall Mailing Team Marsha Bloxsom Becky and Jim Drahovzal Jim Fenton Sean, Rebeccah, Maggie and Seth Gladding Roz Heise Gerri Henry Jeanette Coufal Bill and Sally Johnston Sherry Maddock Ralph Miller George Mills Mary Powell AliceAnn Sanders Barbara Sutherland Stacie Williams Technical Team Members Shawn Burns Dave Elbon Noah Oliphant Rona Roberts Ben Self Yard Sign Coordinator Greg Guenthner Team Members Joe Anthony Rick Clewett Bob Crovo Donna Elder Richard Franklin Sarah Galvin Richard Greissman Howard Meyers Mahika Gupta Raymond Hill Susan Hill Bill Johnston George Mills Marty Newell Barbara Sutherland John Van Willigen
Steve thanks the incomparable Kay for Council volunteers.
And here's the speech: My thanks to the voters of Lexington who have bestowed upon me the honor to serve as your vice mayor for the next four years.  I pledge to work as hard as I can to live up to the faith you have shown in me and to reflect that honor back on our wonderful community. As you all know, this is not my first time at the rodeo.  But I can tell you that no matter how many times you’ve been, it’s still a bumpy ride, and you need all the help you can get.  I have had that help, so thank you to the hundreds of people who gave thousands of hours and their financial support. This is your victory. This is to your credit. I deeply appreciate all you have done. I will say more about all the volunteers, but before I do, my congratulations to Mayor Gray on his victory, and to the new and returning council members.  I look forward to serving with all of you at an exciting time for Lexington. And it is an exciting time. As I have campaigned over the last year I have been struck by the good feeling, the enthusiasm, the optimism about our wonderful community.  We have stopped wanting to be like some other place and begun appreciating and celebrating what a wonderful community we have. I am especially excited about the entrepreneurial young people --those who grew up here and stayed, those who moved away and have come back, those who have chosen Lexington as a place to live-- who are committed in their work in business, in non-profits, and in government to making Lexington an even better place to live for everyone. It is an exciting time. And now back to the volunteers. [Steve read the entire list of volunteers that is presented above.] My thanks again to everyone who helped make this possible.  I look forward to working together to make the most of our opportunities and to address with vigor the challenges we face.  Thank you.

Voting May Require Locating a New Polling Place

Steve Kay, at the Campsie Precinct voting place on 11-4-14

For people planning to vote after work today: When Steve voted at the Campsie Precinct, he learned from the poll workers that lots of people who usually vote at the Lexington Traditional Middle School polling place have been moved to another location. If you need to find your voting place, try this link to the Fayette County Clerk's voting location finder.


It can be a little bit confusing. Check out this screenshot:

Screenshot of Voting Locations tool for Lexington-Fayette County              

Break your street address down:

  • Put your number in the first box: 123
  • Then if your street name includes a direction (North, South, East, West), click on the tiny blue arrows to the right of the box that says "N/A" and select the proper direction. Leave the "N/A" for "not applicable" if your street address does not include a direction.
  • Put your street name in the third box, and check to be sure you spell it correctly, though capital letters are not needed.
  • Fourth box is for indicating whether you live on a street, lane, boulevard, place, road. The usual abbreviations should work (St, Pl, etc.)
  • Click "Find Voting Location" and look for the answer in the last line of the first set of information, near the blue text that says "View on map."

Screenshot of partial results of voting location search

David Cupps’s Letter To The Editor

David Cupps

Steve is proud to have the support of nonprofit and church-based development adviser David Cupps, who wrote the following letter to the Lexington Herald-Leader, published online on November 3, 2014:

Kay for Equality

Steve Kay has earned another term on our city council because he hears and values the wide diversity of our city.

I've worked on LGBT issues in Lexington for years, and I am confident that he believes in full equality for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

He worked collaboratively with other council members to ensure the recent expansion of domestic-partner benefits for city workers. I know that he will continue to lead in the same way on other fairness issues as we continue to build a diverse, inclusive community.

If you support that sort of fair and equal city, I hope you'll join me in supporting Kay.

David Cupps


Richard Greissman’s Letter To The Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of college administrator and photographer Richard Griessman, who wrote the following letter to the editor, which the Lexington Herald-Leader published online on October 31, 2014.

Keep Kay on Council

For the past three years, Steve Kay has served on the Urban County Council as an at-large representative.

Before that, he served for several years on the Urban County Planning Commission. In both positions he has been extraordinarily effective.

Kay has spent his 40-year professional career honing the skills and talents he would need to be a determined and productive public official. With his wife, Rona Roberts, he has run a successful consulting business, providing a range of facilitation services — moderating meetings, designing processes and techniques for effective group work for businesses, governmental agency, not-for-profits and community groups.

As an at-large council member, Kay has been an energetic leader on issues ranging from city-center business development and local-food promotion to affordable housing and homelessness solutions to the creation of downtown design standards. I will vote for Kay Tuesday.

Richard Greissman


Donna Hall’s Letter To The Editor

Steve is grateful for the support of Donna Hall, whose letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader appeared November 1, 2014, and is reprinted below.

Kay Deserving

Vote for a proven leader for council at-large. Steve Kay embodies the integrity, competence, optimism and temperament that Lexingtonians deserve.

In his three years on council, Kay has successfully focused on affordable housing, homelessness, parks, local food and public safety.

Leadership, vision, meaningful public engagement and significant action have long been hallmarks of his professional and civic life.

Those attributes have been reflected in his work on council over the last three years. Please elect him for a second term to continue and expand that work.

Vote for the candidate with a record of finding solutions.

Donna A. Hall


Robert J. Brown’s Letter To The Editor

Robert J. Brown, attorney and Steve Kay supporter
Robert J. Brown

Steve is proud to have the support of Robert J. Brown, attorney, justice and arts advocate and two-time Kay for Council campaign treasurer. Bob wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published October 31, 2014:

Kay for Council

Throughout the 40 years I have known Steve Kay he has been a calm, mature and principled individual whose professional work has centered on solving big problems.

He brought that real problem-solving experience to the city council, doing a great job in his first term as an at-large council member. Steve has shown true leadership in finding solutions for some of Lexington's most serious problems, such as homelessness. He works exceptionally well with others and does what's right, not expedient.

For council-at-large, please vote for Kay on Tuesday.

Robert J. Brown


Herm and Roz Heise’s Letter to the Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of Roz and Herm Heise, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 29, 2014:

Kay for at-large

We first met Steve Kay through our volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and the Catholic Action Center. We were very impressed by his dedication to serving our community and especially, the "least of these."

Through the years we have seen Kay serve Lexington in numerous other capacities, most recently as an at-large member of our city council. Kay cares for people and believes that a hand up is more effective than a handout. He leads with practical yet creative ideas and a calm demeanor.

If there is a limit to Kay's energy and enthusiasm for serving Lexington, we have never seen it. Please join us in voting for Kay for council at-large on Nov. 4.

Herm and Roz Heise


Chef Ouita Michel’s Letter to the Editor


Steve is proud to have the support of Chef Ouita Michel, owner of the Holly Hill Inn Family of Restaurants and champion of Kentucky food and farms, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 25, 2014.

Kay helping local food markets

I support Steve Kay for council because he understands the economic potential of developing our local food system. In his first term, Kay successfully advocated for a coordinator position to develop Lexington’s local food economy.

Lexington’s first local food coordinator is now at work building food business opportunities that will add decent jobs for Lexington and the region.

A local food economy creates markets for farmers and provides fresh food for local consumption. The resulting jobs go beyond the farm. Hospitality, food processing and manufacturing also benefit.

Kay made sure the majority of initial funding for the position came from outside sources. That means a modest taxpayer investment is yielding substantial economic opportunity and improving health and quality of life for many. Smart.

In a second term, Kay will continue building on this good start.

Ouita Michel


Suzanne Kifer’s Letter to the Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of Suzanne Kifer, college administrator, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader on October 18, 2014:

Steve Kay committed

I've known Steve Kay for many years. During that time he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to enabling people to work together to solve community problems.

He has served Lexington in many capacities but I especially appreciate his efforts to address Lexington's homelessness and affordable housing issues. After years of advocating for solutions to these problems, he successfully led the city council this year to pass legislation that will provide support for affordable housing in the years ahead. His efforts will make a difference for many low income people and for Lexington as a whole.

I will vote to re-elect Steve Kay for council at-large because he has a vision for Lexington that includes everyone. He is hard-working, thoughtful and works with others to find answers to problems.

Suzanne Kifer


Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Council, At-Large, 2014

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