Herm and Roz Heise’s Letter to the Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of Roz and Herm Heise, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 29, 2014.

Kay for at-large

We first met Steve Kay through our volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and the Catholic Action Center. We were very impressed by his dedication to serving our community and especially, the "least of these."

Through the years we have seen Kay serve Lexington in numerous other capacities, most recently as an at-large member of our city council. Kay cares for people and believes that a hand up is more effective than a handout. He leads with practical yet creative ideas and a calm demeanor.

If there is a limit to Kay's energy and enthusiasm for serving Lexington, we have never seen it. Please join us in voting for Kay for council at-large on Nov. 4.

Herm and Roz Heise


Chef Ouita Michel’s Letter to the Editor


Steve is proud to have the support of Chef Ouita Michel, owner of the Holly Hill Inn Family of Restaurants and champion of Kentucky food and farms, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 25, 2014.

Kay helping local food markets

I support Steve Kay for council because he understands the economic potential of developing our local food system. In his first term, Kay successfully advocated for a coordinator position to develop Lexington’s local food economy.

Lexington’s first local food coordinator is now at work building food business opportunities that will add decent jobs for Lexington and the region.

A local food economy creates markets for farmers and provides fresh food for local consumption. The resulting jobs go beyond the farm. Hospitality, food processing and manufacturing also benefit.

Kay made sure the majority of initial funding for the position came from outside sources. That means a modest taxpayer investment is yielding substantial economic opportunity and improving health and quality of life for many. Smart.

In a second term, Kay will continue building on this good start.

Ouita Michel


Suzanne Kifer’s Letter to the Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of Suzanne Kifer, college administrator, who wrote the following letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader on October 18, 2014:

Steve Kay committed

I've known Steve Kay for many years. During that time he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to enabling people to work together to solve community problems.

He has served Lexington in many capacities but I especially appreciate his efforts to address Lexington's homelessness and affordable housing issues. After years of advocating for solutions to these problems, he successfully led the city council this year to pass legislation that will provide support for affordable housing in the years ahead. His efforts will make a difference for many low income people and for Lexington as a whole.

I will vote to re-elect Steve Kay for council at-large because he has a vision for Lexington that includes everyone. He is hard-working, thoughtful and works with others to find answers to problems.

Suzanne Kifer


Richard Watts Franklin’s Letter to the Editor

Steve is proud to have the support of Richard Watts Franklin, founder of the Bluegrass Aspendale Teen Center and retired Montessori School teacher and administrator, who wrote this letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 24, 2014.

Kay perfect fit for council

I'm voting for Steve Kay for council-at-large. He is a perfect fit for the needs of local government. He is kind, he is trained in bringing folks together, he is hard-working, and he is smart.

He has vast experience working with our city government, both from within and without.

I have known Kay for decades, and I greatly appreciate his steady ways of working with differing opinions and his commitment to addressing hard public issues.

He works hard and he loves Lexington. We need him in government to continue to move our citizens toward a healthier, safer, more robust and exciting community. Kay is truly a public servant, and he will work for all of us in the next four years.

Richard Watts Franklin

Debra Hensley’s Letter to the Editor

Debra Hensley, State Farm Insurance Agent, Lexington, KY
Debra Hensley, State Farm Insurance Agent, Lexington, KY

Steve is proud to have the support of Debra Hensley, State Farm Insurance Agent, who wrote this letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, published on October 19, 2014:

Kay helps the needy

As someone dedicated to public service and positive community transformation, I know an outstanding leader when I see one. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Kay, most recently on the issues of affordable housing and homelessness prevention.

He has earned my vote for another term on the city council.

The cost of housing in Lexington is simply too high for thousands of working-poor families. Through Kay's tremendous leadership, Lexington is finally taking serious measures to combat homelessness and affordable housing problems through an affordable housing trust. It creates a dedicated stream of resources that will bridge the gap between income and housing costs.

Kay fought hard for this legislation because he has the political courage to do what is right. And he made sure we can afford it. The trust is funded entirely from existing resources. Please join me in voting to re-elect Kay for council at-large.

Debra A. Hensley

Former council member, 3rd District

Co-Chair, Commission on Homelessness

Give Steve a Good Listening To! (Now with Handsome Campaign Photos)

In order to make a campaign radio ad available on the Kay for Council facebook page, the tech elves had to add some images and make a little slideshow.

Enjoy all 30 seconds of it, and share widely, using the little share buttons below.

Vote on November 4!

Lively Fund Raiser Focuses on Questions About Best Ways to Grow

Participants in a Kay for Council fund raiser shared opinions with Steve and asked questions about how government can and should contribute to the best growth policies and practices for Lexington. Thank you, everyone who has hosted and volunteered for all the Kay for Council fund raisers and house parties. You make Lexington great, and you make democracy real.

Photos by Rich Greissman, Double Take Photography—Thank you!

CROP Hunger Walk in Pictures

Our thanks to Robert Boldrey, who has shared the photos below with us. They were taken at Greater Lexington's CROP Hunger Walk on September 28. Mission of CROP Hunger Walks (begun in 1947): "CROP Hunger Walks are interfaith hunger education and fundraising events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by CWS local offices across the U.S."  Steve was honored to play a small part in this generous, energetic mission to address hunger near us and around the world, and appreciates the photos. 031 032 033 IMG_2127

Steve Gives Himself (and us) A Good Talking-To (Listen!)

David Elbon, "Steve" and Steve
David Elbon, "Steve," and Steve
"Steve" on left, gets and earful from Steve
"Steve" on left, gets and earful from Steve
What is he talking about? Maybe it's about his great new radio ad. If you'd like to hear for yourself, click the little forward arrow below. Most important of all: vote on November 4!

Starting Young

A friend who is a bit too young to vote wants to let everyone know he supports Steve, and you should too.
Young boy peeks from behind Steve Kay yard sign
A young Steve Kay fan.
If you need a Steve Kay yard sign, enter information here, or call The Kay for Council Yard Sign Wizard at 859.684.4925, or or contact Steve by email: steve "at" kayforcouncil "dot" com.

Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Council, At-Large, 2014

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