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Lexington Leaders Endorse Steve

What Lexington’s business and civic leaders are saying:

“Steve Kay is a great Vice Mayor. He understands our city and he works hard to do the right thing for all of us.” -Mayor Jim Gray

"We need and benefit from Steve Kay's understanding of the course for balanced growth, careful fiscal policy and forward thinking for our city and county to sustain and thrive." -Gil Dunn, Owner, Mentelle Media and Publisher, MD Update

“Steve understands and respects the importance of the unique history of land use in Lexington-Fayette from the adoption of an Urban Services Boundary in 1958, to a comprehensive rural land management plan and robust infill/redevelopment in our city.” -Don Robinson, Owner, Winter Quarter Farm and Former Chair, LFUCG Planning Commission

"Most importantly, I support Steve because of his integrity. He cares about serving all of us, not just a select few. His character makes him trustworthy. His collaborative style makes him effective."  Chester Grundy, Former Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Programming & the Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Center, University of Kentucky.

 “Steve truly understands what makes Lexington such a special place to live, work and raise a family...I trust his leadership and respect the way that he listens and builds consensus with our city council.” -Ann Bakhaus, Kentucky Eagle Inc. Board Chair and Chair, Town Branch Fund

“Steve Kay puts principle before politics as an elected official in his decision making.” -Steve Polston, Founder and Board Chair, NEW LIFE (homeless) DAY CENTER

"Through Steve’s leadership, Lexington is finally taking serious measures to combat our homelessness and affordable housing problems.  That benefits all of us." -Debra Hensley, 2018 UK Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Former City Council Member

“Steve understands the importance of protecting our rural personality with careful development that still lets us grow and prosper.” -Lyle Hannah, Founder and President, Hannah Resource Group